Codice anagrafe nazionale ricerche: 58240
Denominazione: Istituto di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali dell'Emilia-Romagna

CF: 92032080373
Codice iscrizione provvisorio anagrafe: 58240

Data codice iscrizione anagrafe: 11/01/2007
Sede legale Via Marconi 69
Regione Emilia-Romagna
Provincia BO
CAP 40122
Comune Bologna

Fax: 051-294804
Natura giuridica: Altri Enti
Attività: ISTAT: 73200
Attività Ricerca e sviluppo sperimentale nel campo delle scienze sociali e umanistiche

Territories and localities are increasingly considered as key actors in social, cultural and economic processes, both by public administrations and social sciences.

The thematic are of IRES ER follows the theoretical debate and analyzses the consequences of this new attention for local features form.

As territories are not stable but they are constantly changing, we consider two perspectives as interrelated and strictly linked to the other thematic areas.

  • Territories and policies: follow public documents, in particular those related to spatial planning, focussing on their implications for social conditions, especially of poorer and weaker communities;
  • Working places and work in places: studies the development of specific local contexts, focussing on working conditions, planning capacities of public and private actors and on the relations between those localities and the national and European level.